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The Roundtable Turntablists

The Roundtable Turntablists are a groundbreaking DJ group from Northeast Ohio with an ear for great sounds. The Roundtable takes inspiration from a wide variety of musical genres, sampling everything from rock and jazz to hip hop and house. Their one-of-a-kind events absorb listeners with unmatched excitement.



With a secondhand mixer, beltdrive turntables and an eclectic array of records, these three high school friends impressively burst onto the Battle DJ scene in 2001. After a few years of "Digging In The Crates," the crew dissolved in order to pursue collegiate and professional advancement.

As time passed, the musical knowledge and technical skill continued to grow. In 2018, The Roundtable was restored, and all was well in the DJ universe. Since then, they’ve become well-renowned for their creative ingenuity and original vibes. As avid vinyl collectors and audiophiles, their musical depth is vast and continually expanding. 

A night with The Roundtable will bring anything from Steely Dan to Erykah Badu, Lee Morgan, Lighthouse, Tribe Called Quest to The Internet. Their goal is to create a new sound within the music. Taking a song that you love, but finding a way to make it feel as though it were brand new.

Each day is an intrinsic journey into sound, and this 'turntablist' crew is up for the challenge.